5 Gift Ideas New Parents Need

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Parenting is hard.  Anyone that tells you otherwise is selling something.  New parents need lots of support and help as they transition into their new roles.  They are now caring for a human being.  That’s a task many of us have never had to do before.

There are a couple of things that you’ll need that will make becoming a parents easier.

In fact they are things that new parents need in order to host a newborn baby in your life.



Your little one is going to have to sleep somewhere won’t they?  Your little one is going spend the majority of their time sleeping and crying.  Most newborns sleep 16 – 18 hours a day according to babycenter.com and my own experience.

The catch,  they do that time in sprints of 1-2 hours.  Here’s the hopeful side of that.  All new parents have gone through it so you can make it through as well.

They come in practically every material and style so it comes down to personal taste most of the time.  There’s a lot of different types on the market but you want to make sure they have a couple of things.

I’m personally a fan of convertible cribs.  They are a great value since once your baby turns into a toddler and is ready to try out sleeping in a bed your all set.  As the child grows you can lower the crib so they can get in and out of bed easily.

The main thing you want to make sure of is that whatever crib has unobstructed bars on the side.

This is so when your little one starts rolling around in the crib if they bump up against the side they still can get air.

You’ll see bumper pads for cribs but I’m pretty against those.  My worry has always been that if they roll over onto the pad they might not have enough strength yet to get off.

As a parent I just never felt it was worth the risk.

They need to have plenty of room for your little one to grow.  At first your newborn will not be moving much however as they grow that will all change.  You want to make sure there is enough room for your baby to grow without needing to buy another crib down the road.

You want to make sure there is enough room for your baby to grow without needing to buy another crib down the road.

Hence as I mentioned above I recommend convertible cribs.  They are a really great value purchase in my opinion.

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new parents mother with daughter at sunset

Baby Monitor

Now that new parents have a place to put their little bundle of joy the next thing they’ll need is a baby monitor.

When my wife and I were new parents we were glued to this thing.  Is the baby about to wake up?  How long has it been since they last woke up?  Is it time to feed them or do they need a change?  All those thoughts run through your head in an instant after a while.

The baby monitor is peace of mind.  They let you eavesdrop on your little one without the risk of waking them up.

I recommend a baby monitor with a camera attachment.  It’s something that I wish we had sprung for last time and we’ll be sure to do when our next one arrives.  Having the ability to look in on your new baby vs. listening to your new baby is just such a game changer.

Yes, monitors with video are a little more pricey but in my opinion they are worth every cent.

There are several styles to choose from so you can feel free to click here to see the top 10 baby monitors.



Another item that you are going to get very attached to is your stroller.

Other than the crib I think most infants spend alot of their time in the stroller being pushed around.

The stroller gives new parents ease of movement so you can go out to the store, buy groceries, go for walks at the park or beach.  A good stroller can be a life saver while a bad stroller can be just a pain in the neck.

A good stroller has 3 things. 

One, good carrying capacity.  There are a ton of things that you carry around as new parents.  Everything from diapers to sunscreen so you’re going to naturally need somewhere to put it.  You’ll carry it in the diaper bag primarily but your stroller will be the next storage location for alot of things.

Two, easy folding.  One of the most frustrating situations I’ve ever found myself in as a new parent involved a stroller.  I was alone in a parking lot with a screaming infant while I flailed with a stroller trying to fold it up.  Every moment this thing didn’t do what I thought it should was stretched to eternity.  I couldn’t help my son and fold at the same time.

After fighting with this demon stroller I drove over to Babys R Us and I bought a new on that folded sanely.  It cost me more than the other stroller but lord on high was it worth every penny.

Third, it should move smoothly.   You don’t want a jerky stroller.  I’m a fan of strollers with three wheels personally.  They always seemed to be more stable and smooth in my experience.  The traditional four-wheel stroller is fine as well but that tri-wheel set up just glided like butter when we upgraded.

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Hey, it’s an article about newborns so we’re going to talk about diapers at some point.

If your unsure what to get a new parent chances are high they need diapers.  They might be doing cloth diapers in which case nevermind.

My advice here is to ask the parent which brand they prefer and purchase that for them.  Parents are really particular about which diapers they use for their children.  Each parent finds that one brand that hits them just right.  Perhaps the straps secure just the right way on their child.  Perhaps another brand gave their infant a rash and they legitimately can’t use them.

Point being.  Just ask.  The parents will be flattered your were thinking about them and spent the time to ask them for their preference.

young woman with over the ear headphones wearing a white shirt


It sounds funny but it’s a lifesaver.

I spent more time laying on a couch with a sleeping baby on my chest than I remember.  When you’re awake and your kid is asleep on your chest, boredom is the enemy.  You can only wonder at and watch your child sleep for so long.  Before long you start counting things around your place to pass the time.

A solid pair of headphones will save your life.  

I recommend sleeping while your little one is tired. If that just isn’t in the cards for whatever reason catch up on some TV.  You’re a new parent with time on their hands feel free to use it.  I’d recommend something mindless that won’t require a lot of brainpower.  You’ll be sleep deprived so don’t expect your brain to be working a full capacity.

There was one sleepless night where my wife and I were trying to figure out how much formula to give our son. In our stupor we could not for the life of us figure out the fraction that the instructions what us to give him.  We are both college educated individuals but this little bottle of water and powder had defeated us.  

Don’t worry we got it eventually but I was so frustrated that it was so hard.  Wel,l we were working on minimal sleep and when that happens the brain gets a little loopy.  Just make sure to give each other grace, understanding, and love and you’ll be fine.

Back to headphones.  I’d recommend the in-ear type versus the over the ear.  The over the hear type has better sound quality but it could cut down what you can hear.  When your baby starts waking up again or your partner is trying to get a hold of you it will matter.

I’ve linked to a best of list here for headphones so feel free to have a look by clicking here for top 7 bluetooth headphones. 

Books for Parents

A little bonus item here at the very end.

There are spectacular writers out there publishing great books on parenting.  These are the heavy hitters so read up!  The can be a gold mine for new parents looking for advice.  Improving yourself intentionally through reading is a wonderful practice.  I wrote another article on the subject of learning so feel free to click here to read it.

Being intentional about the type of parent you want to become is step one in becoming a great parent.


Becoming a parent is never easy.  In my experience there are few people that would honestly say that transitioning to parenthood is a breeze.

I wish it really was as easy as reading a couple books and making a couple plans.  But the hard truth is that parenting takes work.  It takes grit to parent a child and it doesn’t happen overnight.

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