New addition to the squad

After many months we’re happy to announce that Dean is ready for the world!

Our second child Dean Brown was born while I was taking a break from developing the site.

This baby has been such a blessing to our family.

It blows my mind but he’s even more relaxed and chill than our first son. He has to be the chillest baby on planet, no the galaxy, no the multiverse…alright that might be hyperbole but he’s still pretty damn chill.

It has been such a blessing being to see Porter adjust to being an older brother.

From the moment they saw each other you could just sense something special about the two of them. The first thing porter did when he saw Dean was say hello and sing to him.

It was heart stoppingly adorable.

Dean laid there focusing on Porter, which is impressive cause 3 day old babys dont really focus on much.

I know I’m really hammering home the message here but its so rewarding welcoming our new addition to the family.

Sure he cries and fusses but at the end of the day his smile and warm nature make it all worthwhile.